Get Over Pres. Obama and Think 2016

Barack Obama_2People cannot get over Barack Obama winning reelection. Many of those folks on Facebook/FB have taken to consistent personal attacks. I am more than okay with attacks on Pres. Obama’s policies and his pro stances on social and moral issues such as gay marriage and abortion, but I am never in favor of personal attacks on any President of this country.

Mehdi Quazzani_as_satanThe images and the comments related to the satan character on the cable TV program, ‘The Bible’ are making the rounds on FB. The image captions are saying  that Obama is the devil or satan incarnate. Comment after comment is saying the same thing. It’s getting more childish every minute. Really, Pres. Obama strongly resembles Moroccan actor, Mehdi Ouazanni, who is the actor who portrayed satan. Roma Downey, the producer of ‘The Bible,’ is very upset that this Obama resembling satan is getting far more attention than the miracles of Jesus Christ depicted in the same episode.

Angry upset folks need to get over Pres. Obama and turn their attention away from these personal attacks on him, because they will not stop him from being President for a 2nd term. We lost that chance last November. Efforts need to turn to starting the ground work for the 2016 Presidential election. Democrat, Hillary Clinton already is winning against any Republican and conservative candidate that could be out there. Even VP Biden could win against Republicans and conservatives. Now think! How scary is that?


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