Encouraged by CPAC 2013


When I started this blog post, I could look across to the left  inside to my bedroom and see the TV. I had Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) on C-SPAN. It has been my desire to attend this conference since I went conservative. I guess one of these years I will make it. I know CPAC is mostly attended by mostly white college students and 20 something folks. I hope that I, a 60+ something black female will not be that much of an anomaly when I finally do get to go to CPAC.

Because of all the reported turmoil within the Republican Party, I must admit I was not as disappointed about not being able to attend this year as in the past, but there is still that inner voice saying to me that I should attend a CPAC. This year I was not able to view many of Thursday and Friday speeches. I did hear radio talker Steve Deace’s interviews with Phyllis Schlafly and Gov. Bobby Jindal.  I watched  as much of the final day of CPAC as I could. I enjoyed Dr. Ben Carson and the speaker that introduced him who talked about the Christian influence being the primary catalyst behind the civil rights movement. I was also glad to hear CPAC speakers speaking against the Republican party becoming Democratic light.

I stopped whatever I was doing in the kitchen during the late afternoon to hear the hilariously truthful Ann Coulter and remained in front of the living room TV to hear a great conservative, Sen. Ted Cruz. Ah, Ted Cruz! I am already to support him in a presidential run. The GOP needs to put down all the infighting and focus on sustaining and increasing the Republican majority in the House, win a Republican majority in the Senate and winning back the presidency. I know it still does not look all that good for any of those victories, but after watching CPAC today, I realize all is not lost. We can have those GOP victories.

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