Thoughts: Black History and Firsts

blackhistorymonth_2013Black History Month does not get the buzz that it use to. Contribution from blacks in this country and all around the world now get acclaim that was not there when I was growing up. I continue to learn so much more since my school days when the only black person I learned about in history was Crispus Attucks who was the first casualty of the Revolutionary War.

I remember in late 2008. hearing Dennis Prager talk down firsts on his radio program in relation to Barack Obama being the first black to be elected President. I thought that was sour grapes, because a leftist Democrat won. Even though I did not vote for Pres. Obama, the first black aspect did not escape me. Black firsts are still very huge, even for me. I feel Mr. Prager was wrong to play down the significance of firsts for any race or ethnicity. I still wish my late father had lived long enough to see Barack Obama elected President. He passed during the primary debate season in 2007. My father kept his eye on Barack Obama during those very early Democratic presidential debates.

Now with all of that said, here is Fox News’ Harris Faulkner talking with Navy hero, Captain Gail Harris in celebration of Black History Month. Captain Harris is one of the first black women to serve in Naval intelligence.

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