An Old Mondale Guns Statement and Memories of Presidential 1984


Yes! I agree with this statement. Making laws to do away with guns are not going to stop criminals from getting guns. The media, portrays the gun issue as Republican pro gun against Democratic anti gun. That is not true. Plenty of Democrats own guns and they do not want to give up. One of my very Democratic siblings bought a gun for protection. I am for background checks on prospective gun buyers and required gun training, but I am not for disarming law-abiding gun owners.

On a different note, looking back at former VP Walter Mondale, I remember when he ran against Pres. Ronald Reagan in 1984. Because of my general Christian stance with concern to social matters, co-workers at my preschool teaching job, thought I could be Republican (hey, I am now), but I was a Democrat in those days. I even wondered how a black person could vote for that Republican Reagan! He had no appeal for me.

Ronald Reagan1I always had that ‘down in my gut’ feeling that Pres. Reagan would win reelection. Regardless, I voted for Mondale. On that 1984 November election night, my level of shock soared through the roof on the disparity of the Mondale loss. Pres. Reagan won reelection with the majority vote in 49 states and over 500 electoral votes. VP Mondale won only 1 state and the District of Columbia, which gave him a measly 11 electoral votes. I remember Pres. Reagan quickly getting the required 250 electoral votes to seal his victory before the polls closed on the west coast.

With the ways things went in this past November election and the way some conservatives are keeping their votes from Republican candidates, I hope future Republican presidential candidates do not end with election results like Walter Mondale.


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