I Watched It.


There were many ‘I am not watching the inauguration’ comments on Facebook. No sour grapes here; so, I did watch it. I grew to love the pomp and circumstance of the presidential inaugurations regardless of who won the presidency. I enjoyed all the music, especially the Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir, who sang the Battle Hymn of the Republic. I spotlight this choir from time to time in my Sunday music posts.

I did not care for the President’s speech at all. The speech amounted to a call for a revolution for soaring government control. Unfortunately too many people today are for such a revolution. With the help of non voting conservatives, Pres. Obama has more power in an undeserved 2nd term to give government more control of our lives.

A few of my Democratic liberal/lefty FB friends are so jubilant over a 2nd Obama presidency that they can hardly contain themselves. They feels the Republicans are toothless and will not be able to achieve anything against the Obama administration. Call me crazy, but I still think they can achieve against the Democrats.

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