No Kwanzaa for Me

NoKwanzaaMy listening to the Philly urban talk radio station slowed down. The station is a big dose of liberal/leftist politics.  Besides, the morning  drive host who I listen to the most on the station moved on. I tuned in to the station  to hear who is auditioning for his morning time spot. The topic that was under discussion was Kwanzaa. Quite a few black folks fell for this anti-Christian so-called roots from the Motherland concoction of atheist and Marxist Ron (Maulana)  Karenga.  It is even celebrated in some churches  after celebrating Christmas!

Don’t wish me a happy Kwanzaa. I am Merry Christmas all the way, which is the day (whether or not the true day) chosen to celebrate of the birth of the Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ. Kwanzaa for the most part came from the imagination of Ron Karenga. In a handout I received on this celebration from the Philadelphia Main Library back in the early 1980s, the established Kwanzaa principles were called gods. Then, the ‘gods’ angle disappeared, which made the Kwanzaa celebration more acceptable in churches. Praise the Lord, I never belonged to a church that gave any credence to Kwanzaa!

I leave you with a post on Kwanzaa being unequally yoked with Christianity and then, a post with a different take on Kwanzaa. This one is for Kwanzaa celebrators and others who are for Democratic liberal entitlement policies against the so-called Kwanzaa principles.