Union Violence to Anyone the Least Bit Related to Right to Work

Chip Bok_Union ForceChip Book Cartoon

I posted a Facebook (FB) photo meme with information about Michigan union members doing racist name calling and destroying a black hot dog vendor’s supplies and equipment inside the Americans for Prosperity tent. Union people destroyed the $35,000.00 tent as well. Americans for Prosperity supports the Right-to-Work  law in Michigan.

One pro union FB friend did his best to defend the violence done to the hot dog vendor and the Americans for Prosperity people who hired him. He felt those pro Right-to -Work folks deserved violent outcomes, because  they should rally on their own on another day or away from the union rally.

Union Democrats are also pro-choice, which includes a woman’s choice to abort human life growing inside of her. But, their pro-choice stand does not extend to someone choosing not to join a union. Instead, they give out large doses of physical violence.