Senate Elect Tim Scott

Tim Scott_Now Senator

Congratulations, Senate Elect Tim Scott! I am glad to see this appointment by South Carolina Gov Nikki Haley to replace Sen. Jim Demint. Now it is no surprise that the so-called tolerant left, especially so-called tolerant black Democrats and so-called tolerant black Independents started coming out of the woodwork to denounce and insult this senatorial appointment. They are still caught up in group black think, which does not allow for any black person to be a Republican.

Because of the Republican losses this past Nov 6th, Rep. Scott’s appointment to replace the outgoing Jim Demint is raising up my GOP spirits. When Sen. Demint announced he was leaving the Senate, the one and only name people gave to replace him on the Republican/Conservative Facebook pages was Tim Scott. In the video there are a few speakers, but for me, Tim Scott is the focus. I like this Republican conservative.

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