Getting in Trouble for Saying Christmas

CartoonistUnkwn_I said ChristmasCartoonist Unknown

This editorial cartoon goes back some years. I am pretty sure when this cartoon first hit the newspapers, many who thought the cartoon stretched it a bit, do not see it that way now. After all, the cries against the Christmas holiday are stronger than ever. Throughout my elementary school years, the Christmas season was acknowledged, with bible readings, music, decorations and gift giving. During my junior and senior high school years, it was down to decorations and music. But Christmas salutations were shared throughout my public school years. Principals, teachers and children can get into so much trouble now for doing any of what I could do during my years in public school.

From my experiences in child care, the tolerance for child profanity grows stronger all the time. I dealt with parents in my later child care years who felt their child’s use of profanity was cute. I watched an episode of the TV show, The View back in the fall where Joy Behar questioned why children are not allowed to use curse words. With these kind of adult attitudes on children’s use of profanity and the growing anti Christmas culture, you can guess which child in the cartoon was most likely to get suspended or even expelled.