Reasons for Voting Democratic

12 Reasons_voted Dem

This is good, but I heard other comments as to why people voted Democratic. One for example among black folks is, “If Romney won, he would put us back in slavery.” Now that comes across ridiculous to me, but lot of folks in my family/friend circle really believed that about Mitt Romney. Romney’s 47% comment really did him in. His campaign managers did not do enough damage control on that one.

As far as #7 goes, I use to be a part of the Christian crowd that votes the Democratic Party while ignoring their official stand on being nothing wrong with abortion i.e. destroying an unborn baby. Being spiritually convicted on abortion is a big part of the reason as to why I now have a hard time voting that political party. It shames me that I was even okay with abortion for a time. I wonder how Christian Democrats can vote for Barack Obama who supports the killing of a baby that survives a late-term abortion! I wonder why they do not mind their tax money going to financial support of abortion!

From my experiences through Facebook interactions, reading columns and listening to voters on radio, TV, some family and friends, #9 is a pretty popular reason why Barack Obama and Democrat candidates received their votes. How often did I hear that this country was center-right? Well, according to the Nov 6 election victories, that definitely is no longer true. Too many people really think they have a right to the money of someone who is more financially successful. Too many people feel entitled to services they can’t afford on their own and have no problem with increased taxpayer support. The left side has really grown. Those of us who know better, should be very concerned, because these people are helping socialism to take a much stronger hold of this country.

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