Disliking My Responses: Delete and Block

When making my 86-years-old mother’s lunch, I listen to the first 15/20 minutes of Rush Limbaugh. My mother is not all that interested in hearing him, so after I serve lunch to her, I turn to the gospel music station that she dearly loves. My mother particularly likes the host that is on during lunch. I do too despite our opposing political leanings

I am a twitter follower of that host who regularly puts out tweets that calls for innocent fun responses. Other times, the tweets solicit a serious response. I get into trouble with the host with my responses to his political based tweets. It is no secret that the hosts on this gospel radio station are Obama supporters. Thankfully, the host has yet to dump me like a few other pro Obama Twitter people did when I challenged them on anything that politically relates to Pres. Obama. But this host does delete my political tweets. For example, the radio station was jubilant over the First Lady’s speech at the Democratic Convention earlier this month. The host tweeted for thoughts about her speech. The responses were positive except mine. I tweeted back that at the end of her speech she let it be known that she is for “a woman’s right to choose” which  means she is pro-abortion. My response tweet disappeared.

On Friday, the host talked about Mitt Romney’s response to a question about what he considered to be middle class income levels. Mr. Romney’s answer reportedly was between $250,000 and $200,000. The host shared it on Twitter,  a website and Facebook. I decided not to respond right away, because it just did not sound right. Since then, at this link, I found out reports cut the last 2 words, “and less” from Romney’s response. Those who follow me on twitter or pay attention to my twitter feed on this blog already know this happened.

I tweeted the link with Romney’s unedited response to the gospel music host and posted it on the website a few hours ago. I have yet to see my Romney tweet come up on the gospel radio host’s twitter page. So far, what I said in the tweet is still on the host’s website.

Some folks are so thin skin in dealing with opposing political views. Some blacks still caught up in “black group think” and the Obama presidency cannot deal with black conservatives. These folks are always deleting and/or blocking me completely from their pages, except for one dear Facebook friend who just argues back at my comments. The other folks on her page wishes she would dump me. I do get Pro Obama folks challenging my political tweets and Facebook posts now and then. They make me angry sometimes, but I only delete pro or con responses of those who use foul language. I have yet to completely block or delete people from my pages who are liberal, left, and pro Obama.

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