She Received Government Issued Picture ID

I did a blog post on the voter ID controversy that called attention to the 93-year-old, Mrs. Viviette Applewhite. Under the new PA voter ID law, it looked like Mrs. Applewhite would no longer be able to vote. She previously voted longer than I have been on this earth. Someone stole her pocketbook a while back with her ID in it. She had great difficulty in getting a new ID due to not being able to obtain new copies of required documents and additional documents that were not required for an ID in the past. I am happy to report to you that Mrs. Applewhite received her new picture ID free of charge. So she will be able to vote in the in the presidential election on the 6th of November. This helps to deflate the poll tax accusation made by Attorney General Eric Holder.  Read more here.

There are many people out there who believe the real purpose of new voter ID laws in various states is to keep blacks and the poor who are usually Democrat from voting. I see these new ID laws mostly as a problem for the elderly who have to get new government issued picture ID that requires getting new documents and do not get around that much anymore. My 86-years-old mother who  must use a walker does not get around much except to church a couple of Sundays a month. My sister and I do most of her shopping, take her to her doctor appointments and get her medicines. Her government issued ID expired and my sister helped her get the new additional required documents to get a new one in early April.

As far as younger people go, well one has to have many of the required documents for the ID to get a job these days. I have the required documents, because I always needed them for a new child care job during my director/administrator years. Today even if you are seeking a classroom aide position in child care which usually pays minimum wage, you will need a government issued state ID to be photocopied and placed in your personnel file.

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