Yes to Mitt Romney’s VP Choice

When the names started coming out for Mitt Romney’s VP choice, I wondered about Rep. Paul Ryan. I am happy with him being Mitt Romney’s running mate. Of course on the Obama support side, there is disgust and joy to this choice. On Facebook, I responded in the affirmative to a Democrat friend’s question on the Ryan selection. All of the responses after mine were downright nasty. One commenter said that the Ryan choice caused him to vomit. From within the Obama campaign, they see Paul Ryan as a stereotypical conservative who does not want to bother the rich, but will take from the poor and middle class. They are betting that the electorate will see it that way also.

I see Paul Ryan as a solid conservative Republican in comparison to Romney being more moderate. In the video Rep. Ryan schools Pres. Obama on the detrimental spending concerning what is now, the Affordable Care Act (tax) when it was still in the bill stage. As I imagine, the vice presidential debate this fall, I see Rep. Ryan cleaning VP Biden’s clock.


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