Gabbrielle Douglas Glorifies…

Summer 2012 Olympic Gold Medal winner, Gabrielle Douglas gave God all the glory. That was so beautiful. I have to say not all liberal heads exploded when they heard her  glorifying God. I know liberals in my family/relative and friend circle who also give God all the glory and really loved that Gabrielle Douglas gave God all the glory for her unprecedented Olympic victories (the first American ever to win the team gold and the all-around gold in the same Olympics).

2 thoughts on “Gabbrielle Douglas Glorifies…

  1. It bothers me when I see this kind of thing. Why do you assume that liberals are not Christian? Why do you find humor in alienating and angering people? Why aren’t you demonstrating Christian values and living your own life in a way that makes us all want to learn, grow and adhere to Christian values? Frankly, the humor of this escapes me.

    1. Virginia, I do not assume that. Did you read my full (short) post? I said that not all liberal heads exploded. I was a Christian Democrat liberal (not a far left one) for over 30 years. I live in a Christian household where I am the only non liberal. But some liberal Christians (as I use to do) turn their heads the other way on some issues that go against the Lord such as abortion. The 2012 Liberal Democrat Party platform will include gay marriage. From the word of God, that is wrong. There are liberal Christians out there that do not go along with that, but will remain silent as they do with abortion just like I use to do. How do you know what I am or not demonstrating in order to make your judgement?

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