Unscripted: Foot in Mouth

Chip Bok Cartoon

No, somebody else did not make that happen. Pres. Obama put his own foot in his mouth with his no teleprompter/unscripted comments about individuals not building businesses on their own. That speech was kind of strange and then not so strange, because he just let it all out i.e. that government socialist inner Obama. He is in hot water with business owners of all sizes. So now the Pres. is trying to walk it back, BTW, Pres. Obama just contradicts himself when he tries to walk it back. He is even trying to sound like he did in 2008. Back then, he projected himself as a centrist. But he did not fool me. I was suspicious of  that ‘change’ mantra.

I do not know what a respectable number of Republicans, Moderates and Independents thought when they heard and fell for his “Do you want to see fundamental change” question. Barack Obama was not all that specific about what the fundamental change was going to be. A fundamental change for our country really would have to go in the direction of fascism, socialism or communism.  We are going deeper into socialism with the Affordable Health Care Law. As the presidential election moves on, be ready for some more unscripted “foot in mouth” non free market and pro-government growing comments  from Pres. Obama.


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