Lists: Romney Vs Obama

Really now, what accomplishments can the Obama administration really tout other than the demise of Bin Laden under the President’s watch? The administration cannot even tout the Affordable Care Act. For the time being and until the Obama camp can come up with a spin, the administration will not be touting it, because of the tax nature through which the Affordable care act received its constitutionality.

The Obama camp  can only go on the attack against Mitt Romney by trying to discredit his Bain Capital business dealings as the most evil against the working man. Well, the above comparison lists are rather telling and do their part to puts things into the proper perspective. Romney and Bain are not evil by doing the free market thing through investing private money into businesses, while the Obama administration did the government (Socialist way is best) thing by investing taxpayer money into solar/green energy businesses that went bankrupt and helped to push our downed economy further into the ground.  Well to my surprise, according to a couple of polls. the Bain attacks are not hurting Mitt Romney.


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