Drawn Borders = Racism!

Can you believe this? Drawn borders and might I also add with laws on how a non citizen is to cross a country’s border with consequences for breaking those laws are racists!  What else do you hear in the defense of illegal immigration? Do you notice that the total emphasis is on the United States for not allowing people from other countries to cross its borders as if they were crossing the boundaries of my borough of Lansdale into Upper Gwynedd Township, especially coming from Mexico.

Now Mexico and other countries have laws for non citizens crossing their borders and nasty consequences if you do not legally cross them. Look what happened with those 2 young men and the woman who accidentally crossed the Iranian border while hiking. They spent time in Iranian prisons for suspected spying. When the U. S. finally enforces the consequences for illegal border crossing, the illegal border crossers get sent back to their country, even the ones who commit awful crimes after illegally coming into this country. But, the country of the United States gets singled out as the evil imperialist racist!


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