He Remains Gov. Scott Walker

There is so much joy over Gov. Scott Walker’s victory! The recall failed and he is still the Governor of Wisconsin. I prayed for his victory. Thank you Lord. I admit I gloated over the victory in relation to MSNBC’s Ed Schultz and Lawrence O’Donnell. I was watching Fox News, but went to MSNBC to see how they accepted and spun the victory.

I am hearing from those on the pro recall side that the failure to dump Gov. Walker was due in part to the GOP playing some successful dirty tricks. One was a robo-call saying that if you signed the petition to recall Gov. Walker, it counts as a vote and you do not have to go to the polls. First off, both the Republicans and Democrats are guilty of dirty voting tricks.  Now really, what voter who has a brain would believe that when he/she signed a recall petition, that counted as a vote? Republicans responsible for this robo-call were wrong, truly desperate and did not believe Gov. Walker would survive the recall. On the Democrat side, there were reports of Democrats being bussed in from Michigan to vote against Gov. Walker. Wondering? Well, Wisconsin has same day registration.

In all the jubilation over the Walker victory and believe me, listening to the right-sided radio talkers and watching Fox News, only Michelle Malkin talked of caution, because there were a few Wisconsin State Republicans who also faced recall. Republican state Sen. Van Wanggaard lost to his Democratic challenger. Those on the jubilant right are ignoring this loss. There maybe a recount, because his loss puts the Democrats in the majority in the state senate. As fantastic as this recall failure victory is, a Democratic takeover of the state senate is not good for Gov. Walker.


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