A Yes and a Huge No

Nate Beer Cartoon

Disagree with me. Be upset with me. But I give credit to Pres. Obama in the killing of Osama Bin Laden. There are so many people who will not do so. The bottom line for me is that it happened under his watch. If things had gone wrong and Bin Laden remained alive while our Navy Seals were captured and/or killed, Pres. Obama would be blamed and we would be saying, “Well it happened under his watch!” It is only the Bin Laden capture so far that the Obama administration receives any credit from me.

I hold Pres. Obama accountable for the economy which has worsened under his watch. The national debt continues to soar under the Obama Presidency. It is now higher than all 8 years under George W. Bush. Many Obama supporters continue to blame Bush and ignore what has come down under the Obama administration. From reading Obama-ite comments on various web-based liberal venues and hearing them have their say on right-wing and urban talk radio, I see they blame Republicans for everything before and since Barack Obama became President. They appear to have memory loss on having the Pres. along with a Democratic House majority and a Democratic filibuster-proof majority in the Senate for most of the first 2 years.

Yes Pres. Obama did get Osama Bin Laden, but under the Obama administration, the economy continues to go south while there is no plan to stop or even slow the national debt. I applauded the Bin Laden victory, but it is still a huge ‘NO’ for Pres. Obama. Osama Bin Laden is hardly enough against the state of the economy to get me to even think about voting for Barack Obama in November.

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