My View is Changing on Primary Voting

This primary/caucus season is making me take a second look at open primaries. I have ranted in the past about registered voters being able to vote for whoever they desired at the primary level. Some can, but in 28 states others can only vote for the candidates of their political party registration as in my state of PA.

You may call this a flip-flop, but I see my changing attitude coming under “learning as you politically grow over the years.” This year, it is becoming more and more evident to me how open primaries are a detriment to the 2 mainstream political party candidates by allowing citizens from other political parties to vote. Many conservatives are angry over the perceived moderate, Mitt Romney  getting closer to getting the Republican presidential nomination. I hear and read conservatives blaming folks on the GOP side. But think!

There are and were Democrats and Independents in open primary states voting for Mr. Romney. Some because they kind of like him and maybe voting for him in November. Others because they hope it will cause more trouble with conservatives and keep them home or voting for a 3rd party, thus insuring a 2-term victory for Barack Obama. Because of the latter reason, I am glad only registered Republicans could vote in the PA primary.

Now there is just one more thing to consider in relation to voting. There was a poor Republican turnout in PA and in other states so far. What does that tell you about November? It tells me that too many Republicans are going to stay home, vote for someone who will not be winning again, or crossing over to the Democratic side. That does not bode well. Please tell me I am wrong.


One thought on “My View is Changing on Primary Voting

  1. If Pennsylvania had easy ballot access for independent candidates, that could help. In 2010, an independent was elected Governor of Rhode Island; an independent came within 10,000 votes of being elected Governor of Maine; for a while an independent candidate for US Senate in Florida (Gov. Charlie Crist) was leading in the polls; and independents or minor party nominees were elected to state legislatures in 10 states. SB 21 is pending in the Pa. legislature to vastly ease ballot access.

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