Bleak: The New Normal

Gary Varvel Cartoon

This is so sad, but at least people are getting jobs that place them in the over qualification category. My year of 1973 was also not a great time to graduate and look for a job. Back then, the policy of not hiring people who were over qualified for a position prevailed.  Through the years that I worked in child care, I worked as a teacher in a center that would not hire an over qualified person for any of the classroom positions. When I directed a center for a for-profit chain, I was told not to hire any over qualified people, because they are still on the hunt for the job that befits their degree, less loyal and would not give full commitment to the children.

There are people out there who feel college is a waste, but then they want college degree people educating their young children, helping them with legal issues and etc. I know a few folks who are telling their teenage sons and daughters that they are on their own for paying for education after high school, because of the bleak outcome for today’s college graduate as featured in the “New Normal” editorial cartoon. They feel college is a wasted investment. And to think this bleak situation continues and increases under Pres. Obama! I hope the people most affected think seriously about not voting for him in November.

I must add that “child care” at the end of the list  in the cartoon would be needed regardless, even if people could get jobs befitting  their degrees.


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