Rick is Out Before I Could Cast My Vote for Him

Well it is happening again. My PA primary is just too late in the primary/caucus season for me to be able to vote for Republican presidential candidate of choice. All voting for the Republican presidential candidates in primaries and caucuses should be done while most of the candidates still have an equal or at least close to an equal chance to win the Republican nomination. The PA primary should have been in the Super Tuesday or earlier.

I am ranting, because my chosen presidential candidate of heart and not pragmatics, Rick Santorum is out of  the race. I know I did say early on that he was another Mike Huckabee (my Republican presidential candidate of choice in 2008), but later, I wanted to be wrong and see him pull it off in being the Republican presidential nominee. I guess the polling showed that he was not going to win PA.

I though the RNC (Republican National Committee) decision to extend the season by having the delegates apportioned according to the number of votes per candidate for the first part of the season instead of winner take all would allow me a chance to vote for my  candidate of choice in a couple of weeks. But it did not help. Basically Mitt Romney is wrapping up the delegate vote.

My 2nd choice, Newt Gingrich who is still in the race, but does not have a chance, should have dropped out before Rick Santorum. Ron Paul who I found difficult to support never had a chance and I do not know why he even bothers. Here I am still hoping for the day when the PA Primary comes around I will have the same choice of candidates that those in Iowa and New Hampshire have. Pragmatically, that only leaves Mitt Romney who will get my vote in few weeks and in November. I am not happy, but I will not keep my vote home and help give Barack Obama another 4 years.


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