It’s Looking More Like Romney Will be the 2012 Republican Presidential Nominee

Mitt Romney swept the Washington, D. C., Maryland and Wisconsin primaries last night. Newt Gingrich along with Ron Paul are really out of the competition at this point, but what about Rick Santorum. As much as I like him, I think he maybe out of the competition too! If he loses his (and my) state of PA, it is over.

Mitt Romney is a moderate. So many folks on the conservative side are so leery of him! Some say he is no different from Barack Obama because of  the government health care he help to establish when he was the of Governor of Massachusetts. Mitt Romney is not a real conservative, but he is no Barack Obama either. I can see a Romney economic team implementing business friendly policies over the Obama economic team folks who are very much into deficit spending and government control of the economy policies.

Right now, Santorum is my man, but If Mr. Romney becomes the Republican presidential nominee, I will vote for him against Pres. Obama in November. If Pres. Obama gets another term , there will be little if no constraints on him to go government-run/control crazy, especially if the Senate remains in the Democratic majority and the House goes back to being Democrat.


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