National Medal of Honor Day

Today is the 149th National Medal of Honor Day. The Medal of Honor is the highest military honor for individual acts of gallantry. The U. S. government awards the honor and the President as Commander and Chief bestows the medal on the recipient. There are 82 living recipients and 16 are in Washington D. C. to mark the occasion. Read more here and here. See a list of the Medal of Honor recipients here.

Liberal Values!

Oh these liberal values! The ‘Encouraged’ is also embraced by some non-conservative Republicans, mostly in the younger age category such as Meghan McCain. There is a little respect, but not much love from this crowd for the social and spiritual conservative.

Just look at the ‘Unacceptable’ image of the 2 children in prayer! How can people be against these young hearts praying? But more and more people of the liberal outlook are getting bent out of shape over praying and then, praying in the name of Jesus. The ‘Acceptable’ and the ‘Unacceptable’ gives a depressing clue about whether liberals or conservatives will prevail in the November elections.

As If We Did not Know! Drugs Did It to Whitney Houston

I loved the voice of Whitney Houston until she lost it due to her personal illegal drug loving behavior. I remember my late father who was a scoffer of  90% of the singers of popular music, thought Whitney was special and a true exception among the untalented popular million selling record artists. I loved her music through the soundtrack of the movie, the Preacher’s Wife. After that, her music went hip hop (because some said her music was too white sounding) which did not make the best of her vocal abilities. I also think the drugs had already made their disastrous effects on her vocal chords. Singing songs in the hip hop style did not require her once beautiful vocal range.

With the Coroner’s Office releasing the official autopsy report, one can see that this woman destroyed herself with drugs. I started to do this post when the reports came out on the web that she died from the legal prescription, Xanax and liquor. That would have made it easier to take, well at least for her family. What stopped me, was hearing Whoppi Goldberg expressing the Xanax/liquor thing was not official and that we really do not know what killed her, so I waited for the official report thinking it could be worse. But really, Ms. Goldberg was saying that to deflect from the suspected illegal drug taking and those she considers to be self-righteous who were already saying “See, I told you so.” Well, now we know and we were told so!

Whitney Houston died from an accidental drowning. Cocaine, marijuana, anti-anxiety Xanax,  muscle relaxant Flexeril and Benadryl were found in her system. The report also said that Whitney Houston had drug related heart disease and that cocaine contributed to her death. Cocaine was not found anywhere in her hotel suite; thus, someone was enabling her while she was reportedly off illegal drugs. Whitney Houston claimed salvation through Jesus Christ, but allowed her death bound fleshly passions to take the major stage and as the final result, she is   dead at 48 years of age.

Additional: Go here to read more about the official autopsy report.

Another Ryan Budget

Gary Varvel Cartoon

Republican Rep. Paul Ryan came up with a budget last year that Democratic Senate ignored. He has now come up with a budget this year which made the first hurdle by getting House Budget Committee approval with opposing votes coming from all committee Democrats and 2 Republicans. Will this budget get passed on the floor vote in the Republicans House with some Republicans thinking that the budget does not go far enough? Read more here. Remember the Democrats have not done much on the budget and there has not been one in place under the Obama administration. Pres. Obama sponsored a budget proposal last year, but even the Congressional Democrats did not support it.

We are in hard times which calls for drastic measures to rebuild our economy and bring down the national debt. I know those on the opposing side believe in taxing the rich at a higher rate. Pres. Obama proposing the Buffett Rule, which is a 30% tax rate for the wealthy. That will not help the national debt much. There was a time when I would have supported that, but I am now rooted in the belief that I do not have a right to someone else’s money. Hence, as hurtful as it is due to people thinking they have this right, cuts have to make their way into entitlements.

We Come This Far by Faith

Hebrews 11:1

Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.

Proverbs 30:5

Every word of God is pure: he is a shield unto them that put their trust in him.