Sadly, It Looks Like Alan Grayson is on His Way Back to Congress

Remember Alan Grayson? He is the former Democratic United States Representative from Florida’s congressional 8th district. He experience defeat in 2010 to Republican Daniel Webster. He is running again to regain his congressional seat. He is way out there in leftist progressive la la land. Remember his ‘Republicans want you die quickly‘ on the House floor!

There is no more 8th district due to redistricting. Those who voted against Mr. Grayson are now in the newly created 9th and 10th districts. Rep. Webster is running for reelection in the 10th district. Alan Grayson is running in the 9th district against Republican Mark Oxner. Sadly, indications are Mr. Grayson will return to Congress, because the district is heavily Democrat and he is doing well at raising campaign money. Mr. Grayson’s return will be a tragedy. Go here to see endorsements for his return to Congress from other way out lefty progressives such as Bill Maher, Michael Moore, Debbie Wasserman Schultz.

I really hope there is a Mark Oxner upset victory in November. I leave you with the Oxner add targeted to Hispanics on Mr. Grayson and progressive support for abortion.


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