I Like Newt, But He Should Bow Out

I became a fan of Newt Gingrich because of his ideas. I was not accepting of his past womanizing and hypocrisy, but viewed his statements of admitting his wrong and seeking the Lord’s forgiveness and redemption in Christ-likeness. Therefore, I did not allow his pass personal indiscretions to get in the way of my consideration for voting for him to be the next President of the United States.

Since Newt Gingrich has hardly won any states and does not even have two hundred delegates this far into the primary/caucus season, it is quite evident that he will not be the Republican presidential challenger to Pres. Obama. His campaign is financially in the red and he laid off a portion of his staff, but Mr. Gingrich says he will remain in the race. I guess he is in the “Never give up” and/or “Never say Die” camps.

Newt Gingrich must be hoping for a brokered convention so he will have a another chance to be elected the Republican presidential nominee. I hope the Republicans do not end up with a brokered convention. I have many Democratic friends and acquaintances who feel that will happen and cannot wait for the event. They love all this indecision among the Republicans and feel that type of convention will emphasize even more indecision and raise up the weakness quotient. To the Democrats, a brokered Republican convention is a gift toward Pres. Obama getting another term.

 I reminds those in the Donkey party that in 2008 there was no clear winner at this point on the Democratic side. There was also no talk of a brokered Democratic convention. Then Sen. Hilary Clinton and Sen. Barack Obama were in a tight battle for delegates all the way through June.

I have to say Newt Gingrich should get out of the race. He may gain a delegate or two, but the main thing that will come out of his continued campaign will most likely be more debt. Even if there is a brokered convention, I do not see Newt Gingrich as the victor. Now, he is like Ron Paul who was a little more than a blip in 2008, also in 2012.

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