Another Ryan Budget

Gary Varvel Cartoon

Republican Rep. Paul Ryan came up with a budget last year that Democratic Senate ignored. He has now come up with a budget this year which made the first hurdle by getting House Budget Committee approval with opposing votes coming from all committee Democrats and 2 Republicans. Will this budget get passed on the floor vote in the Republicans House with some Republicans thinking that the budget does not go far enough? Read more here. Remember the Democrats have not done much on the budget and there has not been one in place under the Obama administration. Pres. Obama sponsored a budget proposal last year, but even the Congressional Democrats did not support it.

We are in hard times which calls for drastic measures to rebuild our economy and bring down the national debt. I know those on the opposing side believe in taxing the rich at a higher rate. Pres. Obama proposing the Buffett Rule, which is a 30% tax rate for the wealthy. That will not help the national debt much. There was a time when I would have supported that, but I am now rooted in the belief that I do not have a right to someone else’s money. Hence, as hurtful as it is due to people thinking they have this right, cuts have to make their way into entitlements.


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