Non-Voting Conservatives Means Another Term For Pres. Obama

In 2008, right-side thinking folks like a late blogging buddy and Joseph Farrah, editor-in-chief of the right conservative chose not to vote in the presidential election. Remember his “None of the Above” campaign and book? He and others on the right could not support Republican presidential nominee, Sen. John McCain, because he was not strong in conservatism. Well, I feel the non-voting action of people like Mr. Farah helped Barack Obama become the President of the United States. I do not think a McCain administration would resemble this current one as Mr. Farah does. I just cannot see Obamacare type legislation and its controversies under a Pres. McCain.

For conservatives who do not like any of the 2012 Republican presidential candidates, please do not do what Joseph Farah did in 2008. Do not stay home on Nov. 6, 2012 or vote for some 3rd party candidate who has no chance of winning. Democrats are counting on disaffected conservatives to do just that. They know that helps Barack Obama to remain the President for another term. Oh the damage he could do with a 2nd term! Pres. Obama seems pretty confident that he will get another term too!

Do not forget what you just heard in this video and vote Republican in November. Do not give Barack Obama another term.

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