President’s Day (And Take the Quiz)

Happy President’s Day!. In my neck of the woods, public, parochial and private schools closed today. When I worked in child care, 2 of my employers closed the centers for this day. The other 2 wondered why would any child care closed for business on President’s Day. In my remaining child care years, I had to get use to not having the 3rd Monday off in this month, which meant unless I took a vacation or personal day, I worked straight from January to the Memorial Holiday in late May unless the center closed in the winter months due to heavy snow and/or ice weather conditions.

During my school years, schools closed on Feb. 12th and Feb. 22nd for Abraham Lincoln and George Washington respectively. It was not until 1971, when Presidents, Lincoln, Washington and the inclusion of all other U. S. Presidents fused into one day for celebration by the former and late President, Richard Nixon.

As we celebrate President’s Day, how much do you know about any of the U. S. Presidents? Go here to take a beginners’ level quiz on the Presidents. I got 1 wrong concerning 19th century presidential action on Native Americans. I scored at 90%.