Government and Schools Taking Authority Over Parents

I am sure you have heard of a preschool child’s lunch replaced by a state inspector with a government chicken nugget lunch in the state of North Carolina. The child’s parents received a bill for the replacement. The child’s lunch consist of a turkey and cheese sandwich, juice drink, banana and potato chips. This lunch did not meet USDA nutritional guidelines. Most reports put emphasis on the fried chicken nugget replacement, questioning its nutritional value against the turkey and cheese sandwich, but I did read online that the reason for the lunch replacement was due to no vegetable being present and the inclusion of junk food potato chips.  The mother said the child was finicky about vegetables, so she encouraged vegetable eating when eating meals at home.

Now really, is it necessary for a government official to step in and change the child’s lunch? Who says the child is going to eat the government lunch that included a vegetable anyway? That poor child was also given the message that his/her mother did wrong with the turkey and cheese sandwich lunch. I feel the government and schools are going out of their way to plant “your parents do not know what they are doing” seeds in children’s minds these days. The effort to erode parental authority has already shifted into high gear.

If you do not feel the lunch thing is so bad, how about government backing of schools providing free condoms to students even in elementary school regardless of how parents feel? This is coming from the progressive leftist side of things. Can you even count on 1 hand any conservative promoting anyone policing school lunches and giving out any kind of free contraceptives to minor school students?


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