Our GOP Presidential Candidates

Republican presidential candidate, Rick Santorum had a clean sweep of  caucus and primary voting in Missouri, Minnesota and Colorado. With all the hoopla, the bottom line is obtaining the 1144 delegates needed to get the nomination. Mr. Santorum did not really get any delegates from his triple victory. I still feel Mr. Santorum is the 2012 version of former presidential candidate, Mike Huckabee and may go on to win some primaries but not get the Republican presidential nomination. If I am wrong, it will be a nice surprise.

At this point, if he makes it to the PA primary in April, he most likely will get my vote over Newt Gingrich. I also consider Mitt Romney for pragmatic reasons, because I still see problems with Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum winning against Pres. Obama.But then, Mr. Romney is losing some steam. I am not one of those on the right that ignores the left. Along with reading and listening to the Republican and conservative right punditry and comments, I also squeeze in some reading and listening to the Democratic, liberal left punditry and comments. That side would love for Mr. Gingrich or Mr. Santorum who they see as the flavor of the Republican month to be Pres. Obama’s opponent, because they feel either one of those candidates will make for an easy Democratic victory.

I continue to hear and read of Independents who are unhappy with the Pres. and are looking to what the Republicans have to offer and there is not much of a “wow” factor. Mitt Romney at the beginning of his campaign attracted Independents, but now he is losing them through his continuing efforts to prove his conservatism.

Let us face it, Newt Gingrich is a strong negative to some Republicans, and conservatives. He does not seem to attract Independent voters who are pretty much the deciders of who gets to be President these days. The Catholic Rick Santorum is revving up the conservative evangelical voter (count me as one), but along with the Independent voter there are many who vote Republican who do not particularly like conservative evangelicals, such as libertarian thinking Neal Boortz and do not want a resurgence of them dominating the Republican Party. Along with the very conservative Michael Savage, there are conservatives coming together with those on the liberal left in viewing Rick Santorum as sanctimonious.  They do not like candidates who are outspoken about living their lives from any kind of spiritual faith base.

If you are wondering about all of this in relation to Mitt Romney, well that is another post that would include the Mormon historical negative spiritual belief concerning black people, which has somewhat changed. But one has to wonder how the weight of that historical perspective colors his general views on non white people. Again, there is much distance between me and the Ron Paul supporter. His libertarian views in foreign policy are a very big negative to me. There is also the racial issue, but I have to look more into that situation, even though I do believe Rep. Paul knew of the negative generalizations of black people in his own newsletters. He is the last of the remaining Republican presidential candidates who would get my vote.

Oh, will we ever have another Ronald Reagan? By that, I mean a strong conservative candidate who coalesces Republicans and conservatives behind him and has Democrats and Independents voting Republican like he did! That is what we need or Pres. Obama just may get that 2nd term.


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