Having a Vote that Means Something in the 2012 Primary/Caucus Season

Well it looks like I may have a say with my April 24th presidential primary vote. The Republican National Committee amended Rule 15b for the 2012 presidential nominating process. It is apportionment of delegates for the Republican presidential candidates before April 1st; afterwards, the winner of the state primary and caucus votes takes all the state’s delegates.

The Democrats do apportionment throughout the primary/caucus season. When it is close like it was in 2008 with then Democratic presidential candidates Obama and Clinton, votes were necessary to the end of the primary/caucus season. It was winner take all in 2008 for the Republicans. Sen John McCain had the 1144 delegates needed for the presidential nomination before the April PA Primary. If the delegates had been proportional, my vote would have counted for something and it would have gone to Mike Huckabee.

The apportionment did not work in 2004 when I was still a Democrat. Sen. John Kerry had enough delegates before the PA Primary, which was held in May back then. I was not that upset, because I was pretty much on board for Sen. Kerry. Sometimes I feel all the caucuses should be held on 1 day and the primaries on 1 day in the next week or at least within a month of the caucuses so that every voter has a say in choosing the presidential party nominee. It is even worse for the states who have primaries and caucuses after April, especially Utah which is at the end of June. Really, how often has this state’s individual’s primary vote meant anything! Go here to see the 2012 primary/caucus schedule.


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