Religion, Jesus Christ, Republicans and Democrats

I became aware of this video through a gospel music radio host who is also a gospel music vocalist and choir director. My guess is that on the political side he is a Democrat. If not, he is an Independent/non affiliate.  I know a few Christians who are Democrat that latched on to what is in this video.

I am not of the belief that if you are not Republican, you are not Christian or the right kind of Christian. My Christian parents were Democrats (one living still is) and I am the only Republican in a household of voting Christians. I have family, relatives and friends who really take offense to being viewed as pseudo Christians, because they are Democrats. Within my family/friend circle, there is a person who loved the late Rev. Jerry Falwell. This person thought he was an excellent preacher, but separated from him politically.

Although it appears to me that Jefferson Bethke is associating religion with Republican Christians in general with which I do not agree, I am totally with  Mr. Bethke on religion vs. the  Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ. Awesome! God Bless Him!


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