Hardcore Conservatives and Giving Pres. Obama Another Term

Eric Allie CartoonEric Allie Cartoon

Many conservatives are upset that they will end up with another conservative lite candidate, most likely at this early point being Mitt Romney as the Republican presidential challenger to Pres. Obama in the fall. It was Sen. John McCain the last time. It is more important to these people for the Republican candidate be a hardcore conservative than the possibility that Pres. Obama remains President for the next 4 years. I am in the 1 term Obama presidency camp. Who is more conservative is important, but not as important as making Pres. Obama a 1 termer.

The way the Republican presidential candidates are going after each other is not good at all. It was a bit different in 2008 when there were both Democratic and Republican presidential candidates during the early primary/caucus season. The spotlight glare is not as harsh on the candidates going after each other within both parties at the same time as it is when only one political party has the presidential challengers. The Democrats are sitting back watching, laughing and enjoying the Republicans eat their own. They are sure conservative purists will stay home on Nov. 6th or vote for some 3rd party candidate that cannot win if Mitt Romney becomes the Republican challenger to Barack Obama like they did with Sen. John McCain; thus, allowing a presidential reelection victory for Democrats.

On a related note, I would love to be wrong, but I am beginning to believe that a hardcore conservative can not win the Presidency. News reports are that Independents decided the last presidential election and will decide this one. They went for Barack Obama the last time. I do not think an Independent that went for the Pres. is going to vote for a Rick Santorum, Rick Perry or Newt Gingrich. Well, maybe Ron Paul (really a Libertarian), because he is for the decriminalization of drugs, pro isolationism and does not see Middle East Islam as any kind of threat to this country. Really, those of us on the conservative side must stop the public broadcast in-house bickering in order to see a presidential victory in November.


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