The Iowa Start to the 2012 Republican Presidential Race.

The presidential election year  has been exciting for me for a long while. Some people I know think me somewhat weird, because I get into the presidential nominating conventions and look forward to them being on TV every 4 years. This time around the presidential full electoral process is only on the Republican side. I find the process more exciting when the Democrats and the Republicans are going through the full process together. Even though the outcome in 2008 was Barack Obama, for me, the 2008 presidential election process garnered  more excitement.

With all the hoopla over the Iowa Caucus, the only worthwhile hoopla is the fact that it is the first electoral event of the U. S. presidential process. The Iowa Caucus is not a defining element for either of the 2 major political parties. Mitt Romney just edged out Rick Santorum by few votes to be the winner. Is the Iowa Caucus really any indication of whether either one will be the next U. S. President, let alone be the 2012 Republican presidential nominee? In 2008, the Republican winner was Mike Huckabee.  He is not the President, and he did not even become the Republican presidential nominee. Bill Clinton in 1992 became the Democratic Presidential Nominee and then elected the U. S. President. He place 4th in the 1992 Iowa Caucus at 2.8 %.

 Well, the Iowa Caucus does thin out the presidential hopefuls. There is always someone dropping out who finished last or near close to it. This time around, it is Rep. Michele Bachmann who placed next to last. It will be interesting to see who will be the next one. The ultimate with me is that the Republican chosen to run against Pres. Obama will be strong enough to garner a voting victory in November 2012. I do not think Rep. Bachmann would have garner enough votes to do that. The Independents are the key. They go one way and then they go another way. The Republican presidential candidate must be able to win over the Independents that gave the victory to Barack Obama 2008.


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