A Personal Note on a Family Member

For those who celebrated, I hope you had a blessed Christmas. After going to church, I spent most of Christmas day with my 85 years old mother who is in the hospital. Praise the Lord, she was moved from ICU to a regular room on Christmas Eve. For those who consented to my request to pray for her in Jesus’ name, I deeply thank you. My mother who loves all kinds of foods, has been on a liquid diet since last Wednesday. She entered the hospital a week ago. Before last Wednesday, she was only allowed to suck on a few  Ice cubes and suck on a lemon flavored swab. So even though she did not get to eat a real Christmas day dinner, Mother was thankful and even became full from her Christmas day dinner of chicken broth, hot tea, ginger ale and jello.

Mother was told in the hospital to have rehabilitation for her mobility in a nursing home. She would not hear of such. She requested the hospital’s physical therapy. Today she called me in the morning to tell me of her excitement about being able to walk up 4 stairs and walk down the hall with a walker during a physical therapy session. It is not uncommon for those in their elder years to lose their ability to walk (even with a walker) after being bed ridden for several days. The use of steps only applies to being able  to use steps to get into the house, because our home is a ranch style type.

When I visited my mother later in the afternoon. She was in good spirits and was encouraged by a visit from our Pastor who also prayed with her. She is in prep for a procedure which she is scheduled to undergo tomorrow. After that she most likely will be able to go back to eating real food again.

My mother is loved in our church where she is called Mother by many in our church family. She grew up going to church, but did not have a personal relationship with Lord. My mother asked Jesus Christ through prayer to be her Savior when I was in high school. Jesus Christ became Savior and Lord to the rest of us in the family within a few years. She continues to grow stronger in the Lord everyday. Please continue to pray for her.

UPDATE 12-30-11: My mother came home last night thanking the Lord all the way home in the car. 


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