Pro/Con on Illegal Immigrants Sentiments.

I find it interesting that you can find pro/con sentiments for illegal immigrants on both the Republican and Democratic side. I remember former Pres. George W. Bush the Republican leadership in Congress were for allowing a path to citizenship while illegals were still illegal. Democrats in Congress just wanted to make the illegals legal (Yes, I do remember when former Pres., the late Ronald Reagan made illegals legal). I think the pro path to citizenship for illegals to become legal in some way on the Republican side has much to do with acquiring cheap labor. On the Democratic side, I think it is about acquiring a new bloc of voters.

I hear opinions from everyday working folks from both political parties expressing pro and con sides. From people close to me, one who is a Democrat views the illegals as undocumented persons who we should welcome into this country. Another who is also a Democrat feels those who illegally enter this country should be sent back. This person cannot understand why there is any sympathy for the Latinos sneaking into this country when during the Clinton administration, blacks from Haiti and other Caribbean countries tried to enter this country without going through the proper procedures and were immediately put on a boat to were they came from (as oppose to those escaping Cuba). Yes, this person views it through the racial prism, because there was no national or political party supportive cry for the Caribbean blacks like there is for the Latinos entering this country illegally.

I try to tell this person that blacks from south of the U. S. border have also entered the United States Illegally. Our border along the country of Mexico, is not protected  like our shores. It is easier to sneak across. We must also realize that other immigrants become illegal when they over stay their visas and do not keep up with other related paperwork. Well in any case, the illegal immigration problem will not be solved anytime soon, but we can start by first securing the border along Mexico to stop those from sneaking into the United States.  I feel this is a Republican issue. I do not hear too man Democratic leaders being pro border security. And on that note I leave you with this piece of news.

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