Revolting Gross Prank!

Who in this world could defend what happen at Rosemount High School in Rosemount, Minnesota? Who came up with this revolting gross prank? How could this be okay with school administrators? How could a parent even consider doing this at all? I guess you are asking what is all the furor about? Well, it is about a high school prank at a pep rally that went extremely over the line. High School students wore blindfolds and had to guess who was kissing them i.e. lip lock type kisses. I wonder how deep the emotional scars are after the students discovered that the mystery kisser was their parent of the opposite sex. Now I think that goes beyond sick. How about you?


The Rosemount High School principal  apologized and sited support in the last few days from some of the parents. Support! Really what is with folks these days?


One thought on “Revolting Gross Prank!

  1. Yeah, this is kind of nasty. I’m trying to imagine my mom french kissing me. Yick! What I don’t understand is why the parents were down for this little prank. I guess it could have been worse. They could have had people kissing random folks.

    Perhaps even more the bigger issue though is why school officials thought a kissing prank like this was an appropriate activity for a school event in the first place. I’m pretty sure my reaction as a parent to this in advance would have been “uh, no, that’s not appropriate, lets do something else”.

    So I think there was a failure to engage common sense all over the place on this one.

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