What Did The Doll Say?

I played with most of the popular dolls of the day in the 50s and the very early 60s. I had Betsy Wetsy, Tiny Tears, and Patti Playpal I had stopped playing with dolls when Chatty Cathy came along, but my younger sisters played with that doll. Barbie came on the scene when I was about 8 or 9 years old, but I was never into that doll. I liked dolls that were as close to life-size as possible and did not care for small ones. My very favorite was Patti Playpal. That doll was 36 inches tall!

Dolls have changed and a few have become controversial such as the unmarried Pregnant Barbie,  “Tattooed Barbie, Islamic Barbie in  a Burqa and then a doll that breast feeds. But now going into the Christmas toy season, Toys R Us  is selling the controversial “You & Me Interactive Triplets.” The dolls geared to children as young a 2 years old,  interact in one way by saying, “Hey, crazy b*@#!.”Think of your young child mimicking what is heard coming out of this doll set! Now I know from working in child care that there are some parents and individuals who will not see anything wrong with these dolls. Cursing/profane language are just words to them. Go here and scroll down to the comment section to see a few defensive statements. But outrage is the emotion of the majority of parents who are aware of this set of dolls.