The Hasselbeck/Maher Confrontation

Bill Maher was on the View yesterday and Elisabeth Hasselbeck confronted him about him making women  in general (in the citation, it was Ms. Hasselbeck)  the butt of nasty jokes. His jokes and comments are quite vulgar in reference to Republican and conservative women. In his monologues on his HBO program, “Real Time with Bill Maher,” he called Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann vulgar names associated with female genitalia. Read more and view a video clip here.

Since Bill Maher was on a morning broadcast network TV program, he could not be his usual self. If he had the freedom he has on HBO, ABC would have had to cut the sound to keep viewers from hearing the foul language that would have flowed from his mouth. Real Time did its last show this past Friday before going on holiday hiatus. That is a good thing for Ms. Hasselbeck confronting Bill Maher, because if Real Time were on again this Friday, he would cut loose on her with the vulgarities something awful! Her husband would have to do something painful to him to her uphold her honor.

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