Resonating Newt

Oh, remember when I said that nobody was listening to the Republican  presidential contender Newt Gingrich? Well for a while I was correct, but not any longer. Due to his performances in the debates, many people are changing their minds about the former Republican Speaker of the House. He is resonating on the issues. I like this. I had a blog buddy that passed away a year and a half ago. He was of the opinion that Mr. Gingrich was old news as far as concerning the presidency. I wonder what he would be thinking if he was still here with us!

Newt Gingrich grew on me after I went conservative. He is always coming up with great ideas for solutions to problems. I still have a bit of a problem with his past in the personal behavior department. His womanizing while going after former Pres. Clinton on the Paula Jones case and married to his 2nd wife did not go well with me at all. I do realize with his 3rd and present wife, he is making spiritual efforts to make this marriage his last one. He says he has repented and asked God’s forgiveness. I was glad to read his daughter’s column clearing up the wrongly reported and well believed account of him serving divorce papers on his 1st wife while in the hospital dealing with cancer. His daughter said her mother initiated the divorce before the wrongly reported hospital incident. Read more here.

The days of the presidential candidates having to be squeaking clean are pretty much a thing of the past. Also in times past, it was easier to keep baggage about a candidate under wraps. These days with baggage and secrets, it is a given that we will find out about them while the candidates are still a candidates regardless of political party affiliation. But because of what the Republicans stands for, Republicans get more judgmental scrutiny than Democrats.

I think of all of what is going on with Herman Cain against former Pres. Bill Clinton when he was a Democratic presidential contender. I remember the former Pres. and his wife, Hillary Clinton both admitting his infidelity/womanizing  on the 60 Minutes TV program. It did not bother too many Democrats, Independents or even some Republicans,  because the country elected him over incumbent President, George Herbert Walker Bush. I really do think Newt Gingrich has a brilliant mind. If he should become the Republican presidential nominee, he will get my vote.