Other Than a Miracle, He is Toast

This Herman Cain thing with the sexual harassment claims are devastating. If he ever had a chance to be the Republican nominee, despite his current strong support, other than a miracle, he is toast.  Mr. Cain should have seen something like this coming. I kind of feel that there is a bit of truth to the first sexual harassment claim. But not these later ones! I am suspect of Sharon Bialek’s claim. She let the statute of limitations run out on that claim. He ran for (and lost) U. S. Senator in Georgia in 2004. You would think the sexual harassment claims would have surfaced then.  At least I do!

Who is orchestrating these attacks. Is it Republicans or Democrats? I tend to think it is Republicans, because the main competition now is among the Republican presidential contenders and not with the Democratic opponent, Pres. Obama.  I do not cast off the idea that there could be some Republicans behind this hoping to succeed with the racial sexual stereotypes. But then, it could be the Democrats orchestrating this to set up the Republicans and relying on people falling for old racial sexual stereotypes too!

The media is not on Herman Cain’s side like it was with Bill Clinton and the sexual harassment claims against him. Have you notice as Mr. Cain financial support grew since the first sexual harassment claim, claim after claim grows nastier. It  is like well the first one did not stop you so how about this one. If this one does not stop you, we have more. True or not these sexual harassment claims have done irreversible damage.