This year’s general election was definitely an off-year one. You will not hear any of the Lansdale, PA’s election results on national TV. I voted for county commissioners, local school board members, tax collector, borough council persons and judges. I am keeping up with the election results through the online version of the local newspaper.

The political cycle is changing again. The Borough of Lansdale use to be Republican. In 2008, it stayed Republican locally, but voted for Barack Obama. This time around, Lansdale increased in Democrat blue with the locals. The Democrats are enjoying  School Board victories and they swept the Borough Council.

In one of the nationally reported election results, Ohio voted down the Republicans and Gov. John Kasich and gave unions a collective bargaining victory. This is also a victory for Pres. Obama, who is  against Gov Kasich and has to be pretty happy, since things along the lines of jobs and the economy have not been going his way. I heard too many reports and comments tonight on how this was so good for the Democrats nationally.

Regardless of disappointing election results, I am never discouraged about voting. I am already hyped up for the PA Primary in the spring, even though we will pretty much know who the Republican presidential nominee will be by the time PA gets to vote. Next year at this time we will be voting in another presidential election.  November 2012 will be here faster than you think!


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