Mike Huckabee Responds to His Critics on Occupy Wall Street

Mike Huckabee! He is terrific! He was my original choice for President in 2008. I remember a Democrat family member who had only knew him as an “also ran Republican presidential candidate.” The family member watched Mr. Huckabee’s first Fox News program broadcast interviewing Bill Maher. Positively surprised, she could not get over how he was talking to the atheist Maher about the Lord which caused Bill Maher not to be his usual insulting nasty self to Christians. Here, Mike Huckabee is responding to some critics to his position on Occupy Wall Street. He is terrific again and he is also absolutely right about the morality issue.

Click on the image to view the video

I close with the following. Go here to read about how Occupy Wall Street protesters caused several cafe workers to lose their employment.

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