A Few Occupy Images

There was a time when I would have initially supported the Occupy Movement. I say initially, because before the 1980s as a young Democrat, it did not bother me one way or the other, when those on the conservative side compared the Democrat party to communists. During the Reagan Administration, I started feeling differently. As a liberal Democrat, I was just as American and country loving as those on the conservative right. I detested and cringed whenever the opposition labeled Democratic Party folks  commie pinkos or names that conveyed that sentiment.

Today many from within the Democratic Party are condoning the leftist Occupy Movement from Pres. Obama to folks in my family/relatives/friends circle. See the list of notable supporters here.

Here are a few images from the Occupy Movement. If I were still a Democrat, these images would deeply embarrass me!


This is bad enough! I will not show the one of a man defecating on the American Flag.


Nasty, Nasty!


How do you feel about the Occupiers doing this to the closest ATM that you need immediately?


Free Markets give freedom.


Oh yes it does too! And as much as many would like it to be, a job is not a right.


Praise the Lord, I never believed this thing some people have about the Jewish People being greedy money changers.


If you support the Occupiers, do you support this?


 It actually says the full “F” word. Super Nasty! Okay Democrats, are you for doing the “F”ing thing to capitalism?

Note: Images are from michellmalkin.com and ExposedTheMedia.com


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