Republican Debate: Fight Night

The CNN Republican presidential debate last night in Las Vegas was the most combative so far. It was definitely “fight night.” Gov. Rick Perry, Herman Cain and Mitt Romney were the most bludgeoned. I prefer the more civil Bloomberg Republican presidential round table debate of last week. Anderson Cooper who obviously has no love loss for conservatives and Republicans, delighted in pitting the Republicans against each other in his “bludgeon battle” arena.

The debates have tired me out and they still have more to go. I pretty much know where the GOP candidates stand or do not stand on issues now. I can go with most of these candidates.  As for those I am less excited about, I may have to hold my nose in voting or possibly not vote at all (nah, I will not do that) if one of them becomes the candidate against Barack Obama in November 2012. Jon Huntsman (who wasn’t there) who is definitely in my less excited group.  I am also not that crazy about Ron Paul and his full-blown libertarianism. And you know my one reservation about Herman Cain!

I am not going to get too enthralled over one particular candidate at this point like I did in 2008. Back then I was for Mike Huckabee, but ended up with John McCain. I really do not have a say in choosing the party’s presidential nominee. By the time the PA presidential primary comes in the spring, the Republican Presidential candidate has already been picked for me. I wish my state’s presidential primary took place on one of those Super Tuesdays.

I was a little put off by the public bludgeoning last night, because it will provide gifts that keep on giving to the “re-elect Obama” camp. One of my Democrat Facebook friends and her commenting friends took great delight in the slug fest. According to who the Republican presidential nominee will be, I see possibly the 999 plan critiques in the nastiest of terms, “you’re a liar” sound-bytes and/or video cuts of Gov. Rick Perry and Mitt Romney’s hands on back and forth from last night’s debate showing up in re-elect Barack Obama commercials in 2012.


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