Thoughts in Connection with the MLK Memorial

I watched most of the dedication of the Martin Luther King Memorial this past Sunday. Some believe he would embrace the Occupier movement if he were alive today. I agree that Dr. King initially would have embrace the Occupying movement as it tries to relates to the hurting poor and middle class. I do think he would be speaking out against the foul mouth Occupiers with their “F” the Troops and the Government signs. I grew to believe that he had a socialist leaning, but I do not think Dr. King would be in lockstep with the “in your face” socialist and communist organizations behind this Occupying movement. I even wonder if the Occupiers would even recognize him! They would probably treat him like they did civil rights pioneer, Rep. John Lewis!

Click on the images of Dr. King’s niece, Dr. Alveda King (Beal) and civil rights pioneer, Clarence B Jones to hear them on Dr. King.

Since Dr. King was a minister/preacher, a man of God, it bothers me that there is no reference to God included in the memorial.