The Wealthy Russell Simmons and Kanye West at Occupy Wall Street

Is it not interesting that these folks, rap music, Russell Simmons and Kanye West are trying to be in solidarity with the Occupying Wall Street crowd? CEO and Fox Business Network’s Charles Payne questioned why Mr. Simmons was there since he owns a debit card company. The Occupiers claim to be going after the greedy wealthy 1% who gouge the everyday working person in one way or another. How could Mr. Simmons who is worth $325 million even show his face, when debit card companies are now charging people to withdraw their own money? See this.

Rap artist, Kanye West, who is worth $70 million showed up to be part of Occupying Wall Street in a $355.00 shirt and very expensive gold chains around his neck. What Mr. West was wearing was worth more than what minimum wage employees make in a week. Other entertainment celebrities showed up to an Occupy wherever such as actress, Susan Sarandon who I mentioned in a previous blog post. Why are not these wealthy celebrities given the same negative response as was given sympathizing Democrat politician and civil rights pioneer, Rep. John Lewis and a staffer representing Democrat Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee?


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