In the Continuing Saga of Herman Cain: Momentum and Denigration

I continue to be surprised by Herman Cain’s rise among the Republican presidential candidates despite the fact that he has never been elected to public office. Some polls have him neck and neck with Mitt Romney and a few have him in first place. I guess it is because he says much of the right things that conservatives want to hear. Now, I wonder will he maintain the momentum, because I see him at best as this presidential season’s Mike Huckabee. The upcoming primaries and caucuses will tell.

He is pushing his 999 Plan as if  when he becomes the President it would go right into place. Reality is that he has to get the plan passed both houses of Congress. That will not happen just because he said so. He could encounter objection from congressionals from the opposition and from those within his own party. His lack of political experience will not be much help him in trying to get a bill passed into law.

Some people I go back and forth with, think I am squarely behind Herman Cain’s presidential candidacy, when that is not true. They think that, because I defend and speak up for him against those on Democratic side that cannot stomach this black conservative. One of my Democratic Facebook friends post liberal/leftist links against Herman Cain along with continual personal attacks. I infuriate many folks on that page with my responses. The denigrations are ridiculous. It is so ingrained in folks that there is something terribly wrong with a politically conservative Republican black person!

Princeton Professor, Dr. Cornel West said that Herman Cain should get off the crack pipe for saying racism does not hinder anyone in a big way today. Yes, racism still exist, but I believe like Herman Cain, it is nowhere near the hindrance/obstacle it once was. Hey, Mr. Cain is a great example of a black person raised up in segregated Georgia and eventually became a successful CEO and a serious presidential candidate. It obvious racism has not hindered him.

Harry Belafonte says Mr. Cain is a bad apple and a false negro. Really, this highly successful man! Well, Mr Belafonte and Dr. West are of the socialist/communist persuasion anyway. Dr. West is a member of a Democrat Socialist organization. Mr. Belafonte is a great admirer of Fidel Castro and Hugo Chavez. Other prominent blacks on the Democratic side are speaking out against Herman Cain. It is not enough to say, “I disagree with you” or “you are wrong and here is why.” This crowd continues to personally insult with the derogatory barbs.

And finally, for all of you folks out there that think blacks are racists because they vote black against any other criteria!  I leave you with the question, “Is this not a good example that proves how wrong you are?”