Remaining at the Top: Happy 15th Anniversary!

Fox News is celebrating 15 years on the air. In 2001, Fox News came to Philly while I was still a resident of that city. It started in August, but I did not discover Fox News until the day after 9/11 in the mix of the heavy news coverage. The one program that caught my attention and kept it, was the O’Reilly Factor which I still continue to watch. Bill O’Reilly who receives love and hate by the left and the right. When I started watching, I was not a conservative. I disagreed with him often, but loved watching his program.

Bill O’Reilly has simmered down somewhat over the years. In 2001-2002, he was quick to tell disagreeing guest to “SHUT UP.” He still continues to interrupt and talk over his guests. Mr. O’Reilly claims his interrupting is stopping the guest’s spin in his No Spin Zone. One of my family members does not buy that explanation and wonder’s why I continue to watch his program. I enjoy the back and forth, especially with people on the left, such as Dr. Mark Lamont Hill (who has his own program and is not on as often anymore). Some folks do not like people like Dr. Hill being on Fox News. They choose to ignore Fox New’s fair and balanced mantra.

I started questioning my liberal/left stances and then going conservative after taking on the daily read of a black conservative female’s blog in late 2005. But watching the O’Reilly Factor daily and Hannity and Colmes sometimes before the blog readings were early prep to my going conservative. Even while still a liberal, I could never join the “Fox News is racist” bandwagon that many in my family/relatives/friend circle joined. Today there are about 2 or 3 drama programs that I watch during the week in prime-time, other wise it is cable news programming. I watch mostly Fox News and catch a MSNBC or CNN program at one of their re-run times. Fox News has risen to the top of cable news programming with the competition is nowhere close. They have just about obliterated the cable news pioneer, CNN and MSNBC is just no contest.

Happy Anniversary, Fox News! 


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